Stateless end-to-end testing for web apps using Chrome, Lighthouse, and Treo

This article introduces an idea of stateless end-to-end tests using Google Chrome’s Lighthouse as a fancy test runner and automatic snapshots to test availability, performance, and quality regressions. Keep reading >>

Oct 23 2017

Introducing Treo: Lighthouse as a Service

Introducing Treo! A cloud infrastructure for Lighthouse that provides end-to-end testing, geographical regions, scalable API, and integrations with Github & Slack. In this post, I’ll cover main benefits of the product, my motivation to build it, and plans for future development. Keep reading >>

Oct 10 2017

Fixing CSS

I was intrigued by CSS-in-JS ideas and interested, why there're 50 competing implementations. So, I decided to learn about this topic and implemented the new library: injected-css. I presented it on CSS meetup in Ljubljana with an explanation of whys and hows. Watch the video >>

Apr 5 2017

5 princpiles for modern CSS development

Recently CSS has got a lot of negativity. But I would like to defend it and show, that with good naming convention CSS works pretty well. Keep reading >>

Sep 21 2016
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