Aleksey Kulikov

Aleksey Kulikov

Web performance consultant,
developer, and indie hacker.

Treo current

Treo is Lighthouse as a Service, that enables regression testing, emulates custom networks/locations, and provides scalable cloud with API control. Learn more >

Story: I love the Open Web, and I believe this is the best platform. In May 2017, I started to work on Treo with the mission to improve quality of web applications and push the web forward. - Lighthouse as a Service


Gingko is new kind of word processors, that lets shape ideas with lists, outlines, and cards, all in the same clean interface. Learn more >

Story: Being productivity geek, I always build apps to help myself work better. In September 2012, Adriano Ferrari and I joined forces to create Gingko App, which thousands of people use and love today. We were a two-person team, with no outside funding, and an 11 hours time difference.

Gingko App


Through my career, I always want to develop the best possible web applications. This goal motivates me to learn and experiment with new technologies, go deep into an understanding of the web environment.

If you are interested in applying my knowledge and experience to enhance your business, I consider consulting opportunities related to:

  • Browser automation. With a rise of Headless Chrome, new tools like Lighthouse and Puppeteer enable advanced e2e testing and monitoring that wasn't possible before. I've been following this topic since the initial announcement, and I'll help you to make sense of this.
  • Web performance review. I'll identify largest performance issues in your browser/network stack and provide actionable guidance.
  • Modern front-end architecture. I'll help with efficient usage of React/Preact and precise configuration of Webpack, Eslint, and Prettier.

My rate for full-time engagement is 3000 euro per week. I bill weekly for projects with vague requirements and try to do a fixed price for projects with clearly defined scopes.

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